”Being Saami is a Gift” – The Welfare of Saami Children and the Realization of their Rights in the Finnish Saami Region

Minna Rasmus
Publications of the Ombudsman for Children in Finland 2011:4.
Published online 3.2.2011. Published only online.
Published in Finnish 21.4.2008.

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The Saami are the only ethnic group in the area of Europe classified as an indigenous people. This report tells about the opinions of finnish Saami children about their wellbeing and about the realization of their rights. The report includes recommendations to improve the implementation of the rights of the Saami children. The Ombudsman for Children Finland is an independent institution that promotes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The original report was produced in 2008 in a co-operation project with Swedish and Norwegian Ombudsmen for Children and was funded by European Union.


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