Lausuntopyyntönne 10.11.2010; lapsen oikeuksia ja lapsiin  kohdistuvaa seksuaalista väkivaltaa koskeva YK:n ihmisoikeusneuvoston päätöslauselma 13/20 (Rights of the child:  fight against sexual violence against children).

Ulkoasiainministeriö on pyytänyt lapsiasiavaltuutetulta lausuntoa koskien tehokkaita ja lapsen huomioivia neuvonta-, valitus- ja raportointimenetelmiä, joiden avulla lapset voivat raportoida väkivallantapauksista.


The duty of the Ombudsman for Children in Finland is e.g. monitor the welfare of children and youth and the implementation of their rights in Finland. The Ombudsman has emphasized the importance to develop child-friendly mechanisms on reporting of cases of violence.

Consultation and support services for minor victims of sexual abuse are not equally distributed in different part of Finland. The so called helping lines for minors (including telephone and internet-based services) are mainly upheld by non-profit organizations. Regular and stable financing of these services is not enough guaranteed by the state.

In order to develop the possibility for children to report the cases of violence the Ombudsman for Children has negotiated with Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto (the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare; MLL). The organization upholds Child and youth phone and Internet services. These services received nearly 50 000 contacts in 2009.

In August 2010 the Ombudsman for Children and MLL invited in conversation the helping lines and Internet services in Finland [1], the Emergency Response Centre Administration, representatives of Police who especially work with minors in the Internet and the office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman. The aim of the negotiation was to find ways to encourage minors to report on cases of violence, including sexual violence. The importance of child-friendly service of the police and Emergency Response Centre was emphasized and the distribution of information on children’s rights for children, parents and all working with children.

The co-operation will continue in the form of approaching relevant ministries (the Ministry for Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Education and Culture) in order to educate authorities receiving reports and complaints and to guarantee permanent structure for support and consultation mechanisms.

Jyväskylässä 17.11.2010

Maria Kaisa Aula

Jaana Tervo

[1] Members of the advisory board for the ethical principles of voluntary helping lines, www.puheet.net.


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