Services and legal protection: FAQ

On this page you can find information about parties that can help with issues related to the position of children and young people. Frequently asked questions of the Office of the Ombudsman for Children have been collected on the page with answers on who to contact with various problems related to children and young people. You can also find help with using public services from the (Public Service Info) service (tel. 0295 000). 

The Ombudsman for Children promotes the realisation of the rights and best interest of children on a general societal level. This means that the Ombudsman for Children cannot resolve or investigate matters related to individual children or families or the activities of other authorities. The Ombudsman cannot provide detailed legal advice, either. However, the Ombudsman can raise issues that are important with regard to children’s rights that would be otherwise left unnoticed in social discussion and decision-making. 

Duties of the Ombudsman for Children
Act on the Ombudsman for Children 1221/2004 (FINLEX) 
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (SopS 59-60/1991)