Hearings of children 

Every year, the Ombudsman for Children listens to different groups of children and young people in Young Advisers meetings. In these hearings, children and young people tell the Ombudsman about their everyday lives. Their experiences are used to support the work of the Office of the Ombudsman for Children. The groups met by the Ombudsman represent a wide variety of children and young people living different kinds of lives.

Memorandums of the Young Advisers meetings in Finnish and in Sami languages.


  • Meetings with Sámi children
  • Meetings with LGBTQ children
  • Meeting with children from Valteri School Onerva


  • Meeting with a small group of pupils of the Huhtasuo comprehensive school 
  • Meeting with children from the Mannila day care centre 
  • Meeting with young people studying at Spesia Vocational College 
  • Meeting with the Vaasa Youth Council 
  • Meeting with young people interested in climate action 


  • Meeting with children from the Tapiola day care centre 

  • Meeting with middle school pupils from Karstula 

  • Meeting with the Tampere Youth Council and Children's Parliament

  • Meeting with girls with an immigrant background


  • Meeting with children who use school transport
  • Feedback survey model for school transport
  • Meeting with young vocational education students


  • Meeting with the young people preparing a regional youth council for Central Finland
  • Meeting with siblings of children with special needs
  • Meeting with children with parents who suffer from mental health and substance abuse problems


  • Meeting with children of prisoners
  • Meeting with Roma children and young people
  • Meeting with children with visual impairments
  • Meeting with children from Inari