Communications and influence campaign for reconciling work and family life

Making Finland child and family friendly requires flexible reconciliation of work and family life and positive attitudes towards children and families in working life. While ongoing projects such as the family leave reform improve the conditions for reconciling work and family life, private sector actors and public sector employers also play an important role.

Measure 19 of the Implementation plan for the National Child Strategy calls for implementing campaigns for making an impact together with private sector actors and the public sector on reconciling work and family life. The campaigns were used to disseminate good practices and improve understanding of child- and family-friendly working life and the diversity of families as an issue that is in the common interest of society as a whole. The measure contributed to establishing good practices and a family-friendly working life, as well as improved understanding of children's rights also as a working life issue. The communications and influence campaign for reconciling work and family life was implemented by the Office of the Ombudsman for Children. 


The campaign was implemented in the autumn of 2022, culminating with the updated Bring Your Child to Work Day on 18 November 2022.


The campaign for reconciling work and family life improved both private and public-sector employers' awareness of the implementation and development of family-friendly workplace practices.