The Ombudsman for Children in Finland publishes bulletins. They are available in Finnish and in Swedish.


The Ombudsman for Children assesses pending public administration projects from the perspective of children’s rights and issues statements on matters related to the position of children and young people. 

Initiatives and opinions

The Ombudsman for Children promotes the realisation of the rights of children in Finland by making initiatives to start necessary changes and publishing opinions on issues related to the position of children and young people. 


The office of the Ombudsman for Children in Finland has an own publication series.

Child Barometer

The Child Barometer is a study on the everyday lives of 6-7-year-old Finnish children. The study investigates the children’s own experiences on topics that are relevant to them.

Hearings of the children

Every year, the Ombudsman for Children listens to different groups of children and young people (the Young Advisers). In the hearings, children and young people talk about their everyday lives. 

Roundtable discussions

The Ombudsman for Children holds roundtable discussions on current themes related to the rights of children. A wide range of different kinds of experts, authorities, representatives of organisations and researchers are invited to the roundtable discussions.


The Office of the Ombudsman for Children publishes four newsletters per year, in Finnish and in Swedish.