Contact information

Together with the Ombudsman for Children, the experts of the Office of the Ombudsman for Children promote the rights of children. On the administrative level, the Ombudsman operates in connection with the Ministry of Justice. Here you can find instructions on requests for interviews, meetings and appearances addressed to the Ombudsman for Children. 

Services and legal protection: Where to find help

The Ombudsman for Children does not have the authority to resolve issues related to individual children or families, and the Ombudsman for Children cannot comment on such issues. Here you can find the contact information of parties that offer support, as well as instructions related to services for families and children as well as their legal protection.

Media bank

You can use the material in the media bank in interviews of the Ombudsman for Children, publications related to the Ombudsman’s activities or in other contexts related to the work of the Ombudsman, for instance. When material is used, the name of the source and the photographer must always be included.

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Accessibility statement

Here you can find information on the accessibility statement. See also Act on the Provision of Digital Services