General comments of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child 

In order to support the implementation of the Convention, the Committee on the Rights of the Child publishes general comments, in which it presents its interpretation of the rights guaranteed by the Convention. The interpretations focus on both individual articles as well as different themes. By now, the Committee has published a total of 26 general comments.  

The general comments of the UN on the rights of a child (OHCHR) are an important tool for everyone working with children. They help with understanding the contents of the Convention as well as the obligations it imposes. The general comments apply to, among other things, public and private social welfare and health care, courts of law, administrative authorities as well as legislative bodies. 

All of the 26 general comments are available in English on the website of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. Finnish translation of the general comments can be found here. Please note that the translations are unofficial. The general comments are available in Swedish on the website of the Ombudsman for Children in Sweden